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How do you type 162 Words Per Minute with 100% first-time Accuracy? Our latest speed typing record breaker explains how he has become one of the worlds fastest typists.

Posted By Tony Rust

Sam Adam is a 20 year old  who has his own place near the sea in the North West of England and he enjoys anything that involves using a computer.

Sam says that he has been playing around with computers since he was three years old and reckons that he has spent some 50,000 hours on a computer keyboard during his lifetime.  He’s a keen fan of Typeracer but he is especially keen on Word of Warcraft where he is a nine year veteran.

Being a keen gamer he says that he regularly used to type at 140 -160 WPM but he took a break from PC gaming for a year and when he came back to it he found that he was stuck at roughly 11-130 WPM.  Let me repeat that.  Sam says that he was ‘stuck at 110-130 WPM’ !!!  Wow!  If I could get near that, just once, I would consider that I had achieved something very special.  But for Sam, 110-130WPM was a bad patch but after getting back into gaming and – he says – taking part in our Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions, his speed crept back up to 120-140WPM and that is born out by his scores in Competition No.8 where he achieved the winning – and then new record score – of  128WPM with 100% accuracy .  He won again in Competition No.9 where he maintained that level of speed and accuracy. 

Maybe he would have stayed at this already impressive speed and accuracy but he was triggered into a quantum leap in his performance when in Competition No.12 he was chasing more Championship Points (in our competitions you need four wins in ten weeks to become a BSBL Typing Champion) and a new competitor, PicklePower, had taken first place with a record shattering 155 WPM and 100% accuracy.  Now what follows is what Champions are made of.  Sam knuckled down and typed and typed and concentrated hard and in the closing hours of Competition No.12 he pipped PicklePowers monster score with an amazing 157 WPM and 100% accuracy to win the competition.  Epic stuff for those of us following the competition.

Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.17 which closed on Sunday 26th July 2020 was a another clash of the fastest typing titans and a real nail biter.  PicklePower had been sitting in first place for most of the week with 157WPM and 100% accuracy.  A truly remarkable score and it looked as if he was going to be the winner of that week’s competition.   And then - out of the blue came SamA, moving up the scoreboard, bit by bit until very close to the finish time of the competition when he moved into first place with a record breaking 162WMP and 100% accuracy , pipping PicklePower to the post and showing what a worthy Champion he is. Sam had spent three hours of intense concentration and effort in moving up the scoreboard, step by step, to beat PicklePower’s already amazing score.  True grit, again.  Deep down determination to win.  Sam is made of special stuff and he has a special skill that few in the world can match.  Our competition texts are not easy to type quickly and accurately  but Sam is one of the elite typists that make it look easy.

Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition scoreboard for Competition No.17 showing SamA beating PicklePower to 1st Place

These high scores smashed the previous record held by 18 year old Scottish Business Studies student Charlie Greener who had only the week before had taken Sam’s previous 128WPM /100% record by  setting a marginally faster but nonetheless impressive  new speed typing record of 129 WPM with 100% accuracy.   However, Sam’s new record smashed that achievement by 34WPM, a  decisive margin. 

To be clear as to the dexterity and concentration required in the Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition, the competition involves typing text set out in sentences with a variety of punctuation and the competitor types as much as they can in a timed one minute period, the time starting from the instant of their first keystroke and ending after a computer timed 60 seconds. 

In the case of Sam’s speed typing record he typed 810 characters with 100% accuracy in one minute.  That’s over 13 keystrokes per second with total and absolute unerring accuracy.  That is an amazing feat of human accomplishment.  Yes, there may be faster times recorded on the internet but, as Sam says, you only see this happening every week on the website, nowhere else.

We know from the Internet that there are number of different speed typing records which have been set in online typing game sites but they can be difficult to verify.  Sometimes the very high typing speeds which you find on the Internet and  which are shown as Words Per Minute are in fact extrapolations of sprint speeds of a very short duration, like those in various car racing typing games where the races only last 30 seconds or so.  Such  WPM records do not qualify for full WPM standing.  On the other hand, The Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition is for a full one minute and demands total accuracy for every keystroke in order to get to the top spot and every winning entry has the data scrutinised internally by the Better Skills Better Life programming team plus every new winner is required to do a supplementary test to confirm that they can perform in that test at a level generally consistent with their competition entry.

When Sam won his first BSBL competition and we contacted him and asked him to verify who he was and what he had achieved  he at first felt that it was an intrusion into his privacy but once we  explained to him that as the organisers of the competition it was incumbent upon us to verify the authenticity of his competition entry in a number of ways he came on board with the idea very quickly and is now one of the staunchest supporters of  Sam was also very understanding when we had to inform him that one of his high scores could not be confirmed because we had discovered an error in our algorithm!  This had rounded up 99.99% to 100% and although another competitor had achieved a lower WPM score than Sam, they had a perfect 100% which meant that Sam’s score ranked below them.  Sam understood the issue and simply redoubled his efforts and blasted out a high score with a true 100% accuracy.  Needless to say, the algorithm has been amended.  Sam has been instrumental in pointing out some weaknesses in the system which has led to other undiscovered issues being found and fixed, he truly gets involved in what he does.

Sam Adams has the spirit of real Champion.  He reaches down deep inside and shows extraordinary talent and skill and concentration and determination.  This was never more apparent that when,  in order in order to lift his previous best score of 128WPM/100% accuracy by nearly 25%  to achivee a record breaking speed typing  score of 162WPM with 100% first time accuracy.

Our hats are off to Sam Adams, a worthy Champion.

About the author

Tony Rust is the Managing Director and Chief Product Designer of the Better Skills Better Life Ltd.’s range of Typing Testers, Typing Tutors and Typing and Language Tutors.  Tony’s expertise in typing skills and training goes back over 30 years to 1988 when he designed a typing tutorial for the then ground-breaking hand held computer, the Psion Organiser II.  The product was called ‘The Finger Organiser’ sold worldwide and a proficient user of the typing method could achieve over 50 words per minute using just a thumb and three fingers.  Tony then went on to design the Fingers for Windows range of typing and typing and language products which he exhibited and sold in many language variants in many countries throughout the 1990’s.  These were designed from the outset to make the process of learning to touch type easy and quick, using a ‘3 Level System’ of practice.  He has designed and overseen the development of a wide range of software products including software for the Japanese company, Sharp, and has spent many years training people in the use of productivity software.  With all of these products he says that the key to real productivity is the ability to use the computer keyboard well.  Never one to settle for the status quo, Tony recently spent ‘three and a half happy years’ in China honing his martial arts skills at a Kungfu Academy and then a year and half on a Chinese Language course at Ludong University.  During this period, he also managed to find time to qualify – with Distinction - as a TEFL Teacher (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) with the Dublin based TEFL Academy.

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